5 Questions for Sebastian Wenzel – Senior SDR

In this interview Sebastian talks about the unique culture and vibe at Cosuno

Clara Lunow - 26.11.2021
ZItat von Sebastian Wenzel, Senior SDR

Hey Sebastian, please tell us a bit about your role at Cosuno and how a usual day looks like for you. 

As an SDR my day always starts with the daily check-in meetings, where we connect as a team and talk through our performances, numbers and goals for the day & the week as well as our wellbeing and share the latest experiences and successes. As soon as I get my tasks and To-Dos for the day ready, I start calling and do what we do best! I am the first connection and representation of Cosuno to our customers. Listening to their needs and finding the perfect matches for a long lasting and trusting collaboration. 

You joined Cosuno in September. Looking back at the past 3 months, what did you learn and what were your favorite moments? 

My favorite moment was getting to know everybody in person in Berlin and connect on a personal level face to face with so many amazing people. From the onboarding, the lunches, and dinners to the daily check-ins, the team spirit and cosuno-vibe is very infectious. What’s working very well at Cosuno is the feedback-culture.

What does it need for a good Sales Development Representative?

Passion and motivation to not only succeed as a person but as a team and therefore as a company. Making a difference and thinking about new ways to grow as SDR and as a person. Not only thinking about it but really wanting it for yourself too: Mind over matter! If it does not work this way, change it!

What do you need for the day to start right?

Coffee, coffee, coffee! A nice bonus: looking out the window into the sunrise.  

About which topic could you easily give a 30-minute presentation without any preparation?

Intersectionality, culture/art/music, Drag Race and Twerking!

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