5 Questions for Vasilis Ilias – Launch and Expansion Lead

In this interview Vasilis talks about what half-marathons and working in a fast growing startup have in common

Clara Lunow - 12.11.2021
quote of Vasilis Ilias Launch and Expansion Lead at Cosuno

Γεια σας Vasilis, what do you do at Cosuno and how does a usual day look like for you?

As Launch and Expansion Lead for Cosuno, I am researching the possibilities for the expansion. At the moment I focus on the foundational work, which involves signing up the first customers, listening to their feedback, testing the product in local markets and growing revenue. 

Why did you decide to join the Cosuno team?

Before Cosuno, I gained experience in investment banking, management consulting and venture building. With my experience in venture building at Rocket Internet, I realized that I enjoy growing and scaling tech companies more than optimizing processes for slow moving big companies. Cosuno is digitizing one of the industries that is only slowly integrating digitized work processes. That in itself presents a huge opportunity to build a big company to help bring transparency and collaboration in the entire construction industry. On the other hand, I believe that joining companies on their early journey has the biggest upside. Joining a rocketship like Cosuno and being part of this process is a very exciting opportunity!

What do you like most about working in a startup?

Startups build the future and I really enjoy being part of this. I also enjoy working in fast paced environments with ambitious people that want to change the world and build great products that solve people’s problems. 

You have quite a journey behind you and are currently living in London. What do you like best about this setting?

I have lived, studied and worked in 4 European countries. I decided to move to London because I think it is one of the most international and multicultural cities in Europe. You always meet people with different stories from all around the world. Cosuno enables me to work from home and I love to be flexible like that.

You will run your third half-marathon this year. What does running long distances and working in a startup have in common?

I started running only 2 years ago. I ran my first half-marathon in the Hague and I really enjoyed the process of going through the training for the half-marathon. What keeps me going is more the fact of building discipline rather than the task of running a half-marathon. Having said that, I am already planning my first full marathon – a great preparation for working in a startup, because in both settings you always have to go an extra step to achieve the results you are aiming for!

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