An overview of all features

Automate your procurement process. Make your team more efficient and save valuable time.

  • Send your request for proposal to your subcontractors with only one click

    We simplify your time-consuming process of requesting bids: simply select the appropriate subcontractors from your database, add all documents, and send out the tenders with only one click.

  • Receive digital bids even from analog subcontractors

    As a service for your subcontractors, they can import the completed bill of quantities via the GAEB interface or fill it out directly in Cosuno. As a result, we save you the manual effort of transferring bids and you can compare bids directly in the price comparison table.

  • Keep track of the bidding progress at any time

    Track in real time if and when subcontractors have seen your tender or may need to be reminded. Stay informed about the current status from commitment to bid submission.

  • Compare all offers at a glance

    The automatic price comparison table makes it much easier for you to select the right offer. It allows you to keep an overview of all costs at any times during the bid negotiations and to have all the right arguments at hand, too.

  • Sharing documents

    Easily share unlimited and large documents with your subcontractors. They will be informed automatically as soon as you change documents.

  • Private Network

    Your subcontractors will be saved in a private network, that is only accessible to you. The safety of your data is our highest priority.

  • Invite external partners

    Easily invite guests and external collaborators to projects. They can only see projects that have been shared with them. Guests can only read and not change anything.

  • Favour subcontractors

    Mark your preferred subcontractors as favourites. During the invitation process, this will allow you to immediately see with which subcontractors you already have a strong working relationship with.

  • User management

    You can easily add employees and external partners through the user management tool and assign user roles. This enables you to determine particular permissions.

  • Team agreement

    Create internal notes on conversations, trades, bids, and subcontractors to facilitate teamwork.

  • Automate the certificate management process

    If the tender is awarded, you can request the necessary certificates and certifications from the subcontractor with only one click. Always keep an eye on which certificates have been submitted, are still missing or are about to expire.

  • Historical analysis

    Cosuno automatically creates statistics about your subcontractors. This allows you to see how often you have been in exchange with a subcontractor and what the results were in order to make better decisions.

  • Automatic reminders for subcontractors

    We automatically remind your subcontractors if there is still no confirmation or rejection. This means you no longer have to follow up with every subcontractor, which saves a lot of time.

We are always available for support. How can we help you?

Would you like to learn more about Cosuno or do you need technical support? Our experienced team will be happy to help you at any time and without obligation. We are usually available immediately.

  • Simple testing

    We are always happy to give you a free introduction into Cosuno, enabling you to test the software yourself. Alternatively, our team will tender a test project to give you the opportunity to see the results first-hand.

  • Bid guarantee

    You can contact subcontractors on your own or our team will gladly take over the subcontractor acquisition. We guarantee that you will always receive more than 2 offers.

Trial with guaranteed offer

Step by step, our team will show you in a free demo how our software works and how you can use it to reduce your process costs during the procurement process.

Why Cosuno?

  • Maximum security

    Our servers are located in Germany and we comply with DSGVO. We offer maximum data security using the latest encryption technology and continuous backups.

  • Support – in 30 seconds

    Our team is ready to help you at any time and always within 30 seconds. You can reach our experts free of charge by phone or via chat, which is located on the bottom right of every page.

  • Customer-centric development

    We work in a customer-centric way and listen to you. Your needs and requirements are our top priority. You benefit from free updates and new features.