The leading platform for procurement and subcontractor management in the construction industry.

Achieve higher response rates, efficient tender processes and satisfied subcontractors with Cosuno.

  • 80,000 Qualified subcontractors in our network
  • 60% Time savings through automation of manual processes
  • 50% Higher response rates through easy bidding
  • 25% Increase in contract award profit as a result of more bids

This is how the tendering process works with Cosuno

  • Expand your subcontractor network

    Import your own contact book or access our network of over 80,000 qualified subcontractors to find the right subcontractor for any trade.

  • Send your tender to your subcontractors with only one click

    We simplify your time-consuming process of requesting bids: you can simply select the appropriate subcontractors from our database, add all documents and send out the requests for bids with only one click.

  • Create bill of quantities online

    Create bills of quantities directly in Cosuno and also adjust them according to your requirements at a later stage. All parties involved will be informed automatically.

  • Automatic real-time tracking

    Keep track in real time if and when subcontractors have seen your tender. Stay informed about the current status from acceptance to bid submission.

  • Make it easier for subcontractors to submit bids

    Be more attractive for subcontractors and enable digital bid submission in GAEB as well as in ÖNORM format. This saves time for your subcontractors as well.

  • Certificate management

    Easily share unlimited documents with your subcontractors. If an award is received, the necessary certificates can be automatically requested and checked for validity.

  • Automatic price comparison list

    We automatically transfer incoming offers into a price comparison list. You will save time by never having to manually compare offers manually again.

Compatible with all common AVA tools due to GAEB support

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  • After arranging a demo with Cosuno, we immediately realized the software was exactly what we needed. Within 3 days, we were able to manage the entire procurement process online in the Cosuno software.

    Dennis Beckmann, Procurement Manager J. Lindemann GmbH & Co. KG

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We are always available for support. How can we help you?

Would you like to learn more about Cosuno or do you need technical support? Our experienced team will be happy to help you at any time and without obligation. We are usually available immediately.

  • Simple testing

    We are always happy to give you a free introduction into Cosuno, enabling you to test the software yourself. Alternatively, our team will tender a test project to give you the opportunity to see the results first-hand.

  • Bid guarantee

    You can contact subcontractors on your own or our team will gladly take over the subcontractor acquisition. We guarantee that you will always receive more than 2 offers.

Trial with a guaranteed offer

Step by step, our team will show you in a free demo how our software works and how you can use it to reduce your process costs during the procurement process.

Why Cosuno?

  • Maximum security

    Our servers are located in Germany and we comply with GDPR. We offer maximum data security using the latest encryption technology and continuous backups.

  • Support – in 30 seconds

    Our team is ready to help you at any time and always within 30 seconds. You can reach our experts free of charge by phone or via chat, which is located on the bottom right of every page.

  • Customer-centric development

    We work in a customer-centric way and listen to you. Your needs and requirements are our top priority. You benefit from free updates and new features.